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In 2018, I worked with web agency 90up to build the new Under the leadership of Dolly Jones, former digital director of, our aim was to build a platform that would be come the digital destination for sustainable lifestyle - for brands, consumers and clients alike.

Although Eco-Age and Livia Firth are already seen as an authority for sustainable business and fashion, through initatives such as the Green Carpet Challenge and our client work, we needed to capitalise on this and build a space where people can find this content digitally.

Our challenge was to combine our client work as a consultancy with new editorial content, as well as content from big events such as the Green Carpet Fashion Awards. We chose a flexible build template, which building blocks of content which then could customise pages with. We also built a news section to house all our editorial content.

The new platform has already seen a 300% increase in traffic in 6 months, with up to 30,000 visitors a month, and has contributed to a raise in Instagram followers of nearly 30,000.

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Members Area

As well as the consumer facing, front end of the website, we also build a ‘members area’ for paying clients and subscribers. This is a space where clients can accessed more detailed information about brands, stylist services, client reports and specialised news reports.

We also had to build an online questionnaire and reporting system, for our Eco-Age Brandmark. Brands apply through a detailed questionnaire, which is then vetted by the sustainability team. This involved a detailed build of the questionnaire and a system in which we could access respondent data and analyse it.

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